Cricket philately has become very popular since the first official cricket stamp was issued on 18 January 1962 by the Portuguese colony of Cape Verde quickly followed by Pakistan on 14 August 1962. Postmarks, covers and poster stamps are much, much older.

Noel Almeida is a specialist in cricket philately. Consequently, our normal productions are different and not run of the mill.   Please take the time to look at all the cricket items, many of which are numbered and printed in editions of less than 25.  We will be delighted to provide you with further information on our products including the Bradman collection. Whilst we concentrate on offering you our own cricket philatelic items, we will happily track down any cricket item you require to complete your collection.

Noel Almeida is the first Honorary Life Member of the Cricket Philatelic Society. The Society is based in England and was founded by Derek Gallimore in 1997. E-mail derek.gallimore@which.net for full details of the Society.

Bradman Envelope    
Don Bradman
Cricket Covers and Postmarks
1977 Test Cricket Centenary
1973 County Cricket Centenary
Poster Stamps and Labels
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