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About Us

Noel Almeida has lived in Melbourne, Australia, for a little over thirty-five years. He began collecting first day covers at the age of thirteen and has concentrated on his philatelic collecting themes of cricket, Olympics and modern Australian covers. His other interests are Owls and Thomas Merton, both of which he has managed to associate with philately.

He invites you to take your time in making your way through this site. It may look complicated but it isn't. Each section is clearly marked and is self-contained with value-for-money items.

We are proud to say that the site was designed and implemented by Geerlings Design of Salem, Oregon, USA who would welcome your comments and suggestions to improve the site.

Noel Almeida is a member of the following well-known local and international organizations and would be happy to send you more information on any of them.


bullet American First Day Cover Society #11653
bullet Australian Cover Society #1
bullet Cachet Makers Association, USA #60
bullet Cricket Philatelic Society, England, Honorary Life Member #1
bullet Society of Olympic Collectors, England #123
bullet Sports Philatelists International, USA #1237R


bullet Chartered Secretaries Australia
bullet International Thomas Merton Society
bullet Australasian Raptor Association

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